Sendgrid Pitch Deck Review

In this blog, we will review the pitch deck of Sendgrid, a leading cloud-based customer communication platform. Sendgrid is a start-up with a humble beginning. It was founded in 2009 and had a successful IPO in 2017. Twilio acquired Sendgrid for $3 billion in 2019.

IndustryCloud, Productivity, Marketing
Amount Raised$750,000
Pitch Deck Rating3.5/5

Slide 1: Sendgrid Cover Slide

Sendgrid Slide 1

The deck starts by displaying names of founders, logo and the tagline. The tagline “We make email delivery easy” communicates the business proposition loud and clear. The slide is simple because in 2009, there were few start-ups, and fewer design tools to make presentations visually appealing.

Slide 2: Market Fit

Sendgrid Slide 2

This slide offers a brief introduction of the product. Shows where the product fits in the market. Three categories of emails are shown: Personal, Marketing, and Transactional. Till today, Sendgrid still controls a large share of transactional email market.

Slide 3: Transactional Email

Sendgrid slide 3

Introduction slide for transactional email with just the phrase “Transactional Emails”. A beginning of exploration journey into the significance of transactional email.

Slide 4: Facebook Use Case

Sendgrid Slide 4

Presents a Facebook use case to display how a transactional email looks like. With no text and just a screenshot the presentation is super simple.

Slide 5: Twitter Use Case

Sendgrid Slide 5

In the same manner as the previous slide, a Twitter use case is presented with a simple screenshot. The presentation is simple and effective.

Slide 6: Shipping Alerts Use Case

Sendgrid slide 6

In the same way as the previous two slides, a shipping alert use case is showcased with a simple screenshot. The three use cases offer a glimpse into the scalability of the transactional emails we receive on average.

Slide 7: Transactional Email Problem

Sendgrid Slide 7

The introduction to the problem with four key points signalling further detailing ahead. The deck follows the pyramid structure in a beautiful manner. The four points are given, and these points are explained with solutions in the subsequent slides.

Slide 8: Key Point 1- Deliverability

Sendgrid Slide 8

This is the introduction slide to the problem and solution to deliverability. This is the first slide in the pyramid and offers the solution with three simple phrases, easy integration, hosted service, and zero coding. Without lots of text or explanation, the slide drives the point clearly. The slide can be easily understood within 20 seconds.

Slide 9: Key Point 1- Deliverability Problem

Sendgrid Slide 9

The deliverability issues are pointed out here. 20% typical non-delivery is a huge issue, culminating in missed out opportunities and financial loss. The brief pointers are a brilliant way of communicating the magnitude of the issue without using a flashy design.

Slide 10: Key Point 1- Deliverability Solution

Sendgrid Slide 10

The solution to deliverability issues is presented with a simple infographic detailing their core features and functionalities. The key takeaway is 20% increase in deliverability.

Slide 11: Key Point 2- Scalability Problem

Sendgrid slide 11

A simple no-brainer slide with simple explanation. Modest image and text convey the scalability issue of procuring extra hardware, software and servers with increase in email traffic.

Slide 12: Key Point 2- Scalability Solution

Sendgrid slide 12

A comprehensive picture of Sendgrid scalability solution. With a simple infographic, the slide conveys that Sendgrid replaces all the infrastructure, and you can scale on demand. Sendgrid is shown in a cloud format to convey that it is a cloud-based platform and the audience understands in five seconds that Sendgrid is the solution. The simple graphics leave a bold impact on the audience’s mind.

Slide 13: Key Point 3- Lack of Insight

Sendgrid slide 13

A simple message. Just with a question mark, the image conveys the lack of insight customers face post email delivery.

Slide 14: Key Point 3- Solution- Metrics

Sendgrid slide 14

The snapshot of Sendgrid’s dashboard and metrics that are crucial for post-delivery insights. The dashboard presented is clear and simple. Easy to understand from an email sender’s perspective.

Slide 15: Time Consuming Activities

Sendgrid slide 15

The time-consuming activities are listed concisely. These items were tough to comply with for email senders.

Slide 16: Before Sendgrid

Sendgrid slide 16

The issue is beautifully presented with a use case. A screenshot conveys the point.

Slide 17: Apply Filters

Sendgrid slide 17

Simple snapshot explains that Sendgrid provides a platform with filters. The filters enhance the emails to look more confident.

Slide 18: Apply Filters – Enhancement

Sendgrid slide 18

The filters boost the confidence level of the emails. The graphic here conveys the enhancements clearly. The company’s brand imaging improves the whole look and feel of emails.

Slide 19: Market Size

Sendgrid slide 19

The market size is not calculated in dollars, but the size of the email traffic depicted is impressive. The numbers offer investors a perspective on the massive available market. The way of representation even without granular data is brilliant.

Slide 20: Customer Base

Sendgrid slide 20

A collection of companies, start-ups and services who send transactional emails. The slide boasts of noteworthy names and showcases the huge potential customer base.

Slide 21: Competition

Sendgrid slide 21

A simple representation with circles. With the background gathered till now, the slide extends confidence that Sendgrid offers efficient and scalable solutions.

Slide 22: Revenue Model

Sendgrid Slide 22

A clean chart with the pricing plans. The slide gives a clear picture to the investors of the revenue model envisioned.

Slide 23: Customer Acquisition

Sendgrid Slide 23

A simple, yet an effective customer acquisition plan is presented. Two ways of customer acquisition are presented in a humble manner. First is Direct through ad campaigns, social media marketing, and open-source integration. Second is Distribution channels through hosting companies, systems administrators and web development firms. This slide does not provide cost of acquisitions, because back in the day it was not easy to calculate metrics.

Slide 24: Progress

Sendgrid slide 24

A humble slide with the key points listed. The traction is convincing to the investors without flashy graphics.

Slide 25: Goals

Sendgrid slide 25

With brief pointers the goals are clear and measurable. The ask is clearly stated. It states that the investors who have experience with similar products are suitable and can offer mentorship.

Slide 26: Closing

Sendgrid slide 26

The closing slide is simple with a “thank you” and CEO’s name, email and Twitter handle.


The ingenuity of Sendgrid’s pitch deck is in its simplicity. Though the deck is of a total 26 slides on a core technical subject, the way of presentation is lucid. The deck is easy to absorb for investors and audiences alike.

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