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Why develop an investor pitch deck?

Let’s face it. Raising funds for business is an uphill task. Investors discard over 80% of the startup decks after reading the first five slides.

With hundreds of startups battling to stay ahead of the curve, investors are bombarded with startup ideas (pitch decks) in their inbox daily. So, developing a pitch deck that inspires angels and VCs at first glance is vital. Professional design is the least a startup could do to make its pitch stand out.

The perfect balance between visuals and content

An average pitch deck size is 20 slides long. Though, the first 5 slides typically determine how successful have you been in grabbing your investors or clients’ attention. No one appreciates content crammed slides with the occasional clipart anymore. For consistent delivery of messaging, it is imperative that your pitch is a perfect blend of visual and content messaging, hitting the right notes of credibility and empathy. Collaborate with us to craft customized investors pitch deck and sales pitch deck that makes your audience believe in your idea as much as you do.

How we do it?

Research & assessment

We begin by assessing the current state of your business. We get on a telephonic or a Skype call to understand your business and funding needs. In a nutshell, we seek answers to the following; a. What is your business? b. Where is it headed? c. Why do you need funds? d. Who are the target investors?

Pitch Deck Construction

This stage involves thorough research on competition, business environment, and market. We share the research findings with you and take your inputs before beginning with the deck development. Depending on individual requirements, research may involve identification of potential investors, financial projections, benchmarking valuation, competitive analysis etc.

Design & Finetuning

The next step is collating and presenting the valuable information in a structured, engaging story. Our focus during this stage is to craft an engaging narrative story. Upon approval of the storyboard, we brainstorm on finding the design that fits the story. We prefer minimalistic design over cluttered, primitive decks. Our presentation designers have collectively created over 50 investor pitch decks.